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Download the free book for the new year here. Love Pisces you can really live a beautiful period on a sentimental level. Here we do not talk about the planetary passages of Venus but the planetary passages of Jupiter and Saturn that being in sextile to your sky practically for almost the whole year, allow you to live a wonderful season of love with the possibility of doing a thousand projects with the person that you love. Having Jupiter and Saturn in sextile, perhaps it is an even better thing than having Jupiter directly in your sky because while Jupiter can bring the sentimental meeting of your life, the meeting with the soul mate, Saturn makes stable every project that you carry out , allows you to mature and advance everything you do together with the person in your heart.


If you already have a person to love you can do many projects and, for example, you can decide to set the date of your marriage, you can directly marry or make the decision to go to live or still have a child. All these possibilities can be really concrete and make your love life very engaging, full of joys and a lot of serenity. Even the family relationship towards parents and children can improve if in the past some communication problems have ruined something.

If you are going to buy a new house to go and live with the person you love then the first six months are essential while from June the presence of Mars in your second astrological house could create some difficulties, some delays and expenses that will not be easy to deal with.

Love And Relationship Horoscope 12222

If you are lonely hearts you can still hope for a very beautiful year in which the eros and charm are at the highest levels for the first six months and during this period new friendships and new encounters can be wonderful. In fact, Jupiter offers the possibility of meeting your soul mate and Saturn manages to consolidate from the beginning the relationship of love that will never be superficial but always concrete and mature. Job - career - money Pisces as far as working life is concerned, here too the situation can be truly exceptional and allow you to experience an amazing period with the possibility of obtaining great possibilities to carry out many of your projects, projects for which you have worked in the past and for many months.

Right now the best thing to do is to be optimistic and act under the positive influence of Jupiter and Saturn that bring good news, excellent job opportunities for those who are looking for a new job and for those who are trying to change a job that is not more very satisfying. At work you can get praise and gratification and the relationship with colleagues can improve significantly with a nice collaboration and a new harmony.

It must also be said that all the new professional paths that you decide to undertake are very interesting and can bring success even before the end of the year but we must act by the end of May as from June the economic situation can create some complications. If you have to buy a house, if you have to buy expensive equipment for your work or if you need to invest money for a project, then try to do everything during the first six months of the year.

If you have an independent job, customers can increase and as a result, earnings can be more substantial and stabilize your professional and economic life. However, even if the second part of the year will be less interesting in terms of work, you do not have to be too worried because Jupiter and Saturn promise opportunities to earn money, opportunity to meet important people who can help you in the realization of projects and every collaboration that is born in this phase of the year it will be able to develop during the next year again.

Only when Saturn moves in your twelfth astrological house for a few weeks will you have some problems, some obstacles to overcome, but by December many of you will be really happy. Luck - fitness Pisces excellent physical fitness but above all your mind is really exceptional and allows you to live an extremely interesting time with so many things to do. The first six months of the year are full of energy and the opportunity to manage your life in the best way offers the opportunity to attend new courses in the gym, to do other types of sports or to do yoga.

The most important thing is that your planet Jupiter brings a lot of inner serenity but also a lot of optimism and the people who will meet you during these months, will notice a nice smile on your face. If the physical energies are excellent and you can work a lot without feeling too tired, even the mind will be very clear and the ideas will be born as mushrooms.

The love life can proceed without any particular problems, the working life can proceed smoothly and a great creativity at least until the month of June, allows you to act on every difficulty that you can obviously meet on your journey.

Pisces Horoscope – Pisces Horoscope Yearly Predictions

If your work offers the opportunity to travel, then some trips, both short and long, can be very important and allow you to meet people who could be really essential for your professional life. We can not rule out that even during a business trip or fun, you can meet your soul mate and then fall in love. The period that starts from the month of June to arrive at the end of December is slightly more complicated and the passage of Mars in your second astrological house but above all of Saturn in your twelfth astrological house, does not allow you to be particularly efficient and your energies will be much more reduced.

So, during the last six months, you have to be very careful about any accidents at home, driving the car and crashes with possible fractures. Even dental problems could create concern. The solution to legal and bureaucratic problems arrives in the first six months of the year. Work and money. Luck and fitness. Aries: unfortunately you have to wait for the second part of this new year to enjoy the beneficial influences of Mars in good aspect to the ascendant that brings to optimal levels the creative energies and also the physical ones with great positivity to manage in the most tiring stages of work.

Transit Planets

The first three months can be good for love. Taurus: as far as work is concerned, the situation can be very good and things can also improve on an economic level, but we must be careful about the periods in which Saturn squares and creates small difficulties. Love is interesting and new exciting encounters are to be expected. Gemini: love life is not very satisfying and you try to forget this problem by working on a professional project.

Unfortunately, only in the second part of the year you will be more efficient and you can feel a little lightness even in the sentimental sector with an energetic and sexual recovery.


Cancer: quite complicated period that does not simplify the resolution of problems of love and work. Even at the economic level the situation is not excellent and we have to face numerous expenses that are not easy to manage. Love that creates quarrels and that from June can lead to a separation or divorce.

Leo: phase bad enough for you until June but after this month, Mars helps and supports all the new projects and those jobs where the energies are very useful. Meanwhile, the economic situation in the first few months is not complicated to manage but watch out for really useless expenses. Love slightly down. Virgo: beautiful astrological situation for you that you can carry out numerous projects at the working level with the ability to collect a lot of money and to carry out good projects together with other people.

On a sentimental level a new friendship could bring new emotions. Libra: during this phase of your life you have to be very careful about some professional problems that can lead to disastrous consequences. The Pisces Horoscope predicts that the year would present diverse avenues to the Pisces natives like you, to discover your strengths and explore wider horizons. This year is predicted to be good and enriching for you, and especially for career growth and health.

The Pisces Horoscope also assures that this year would be a smooth walk. With patience and self-effort put in well, you are sure to crack the code of success and reach heights in your career.

Pisces 2020 Love Horoscope

The predictions as per the Horoscope predictions for the leap year as per the Pisces Horoscope , say that you would be able to achieve your innermost goals in You would be rewarded with opportunities that you can grab to climb up the ladder of success. The planetary transits in will provide you with all the energy to fulfill your cherished desires.

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They would duly help you in achieving your targets on time, which you had been planning to move ahead with since You will get a career boost in , owing to the planets favoring you success, at the very best in Thus, this career advancement in your life would also make you rejoice in happiness, and remove the various problems you have been facing in other facets of your life, as we can understand by the predictions of the Pisces Horoscope.

This year predicts that you would be having many harmonious moments with friends and would be enjoying to the best of your spirits.

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  7. Your mental happiness will be at its peak, and because of this, you would be able to give your time to other areas of your life. The Horoscope predictions for a Pisces native as you, also suggest that you might spend a lot in foreign travels. Due to this, you would be spending too much of your valuable time in This is due to the 12th Lord Saturn being in its retrograde motion when a planet apparently moves in the opposite direction , from 11 May to 29 September This is the phase when you should be careful of what and how you are spending your money, and take care to limit it as per necessity and not spend uselessly.

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    You would get a chance to go abroad from 15 February to 15 March , as per the predictions of the Pisces Horoscope. There might be the number of travels increasing during mid-year, due to the transits of the planets in The chances of investing money into your business, which you have been planning since a long time, would show results from 8 February to 22 March During this time, as per the Horoscope predictions for a Pisces native, as in , Mars would be transiting into the career house in the Sagittarius sign.

    There is no harm in the plan, however, just plan beforehand and invest accordingly during this time. During this time, Mars would be in its retrograde phase, and so you might not be able to fulfill your promises made to others and yourself. Therefore, it is better your refrain from promising such things during this time.