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Write them down. Hopefully, there are some lottery numbers or sports scores in there! Scorpio: Curse you. Curse your family!

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Curse your children! Vile, vile Scorpio.

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Sagittarius: Eat well today! I should proof this stuff before I read it out loud. Eat well! Best not think about this again…. Aquarius: the white ball will be under the middle shell. Trust the stars. Invest all your money in this lucrative street game. Aries: You will feel a haunting sadness about times gone by. Gemini: You will meet someone today who will have no effect on your life, and who you will immediately forget. Retain hope for a possible future. That is what the stars say today.

Interpret it as you will. Better that you not know. Tell your family that you love them. Have a penny? Take another penny! Pennies are worthless, but go ahead and take them all. Build a great fortune only to have its great copper weight crush your lifeless pauper body.

Lure the messenger inside. Make sure no one saw him come in. Choose something quieter than a gun. Perhaps suffocation, or an accidental fall. Really plan these things out. Stop being so trigger happy, Virgo! Scream loud enough so the neighbors can hear you. You are a great thinker and leader. You…wait, what is this? This is definitely not the right reading for a Scorpio, it must be a typo.

Very funny things, Scorpio! The second-best is tasteless slow-acting poison. Either way, you got wronged, and you need to set things right, Sagittarius! Be careful, or logic will destroy you. It is difficult to say when he will return. Perhaps take up drinking while crying in a quiet room. Thanks for nothing, stars! Another train leaves a station traveling east at 60 miles per hour. These two trains left on different days, in different years, in different countries.

How long until the passengers acknowledge their own impermanence? Hold still.


They cannot see you if you do not move. So long, Aries! And even though you have nothing but endless time trapped out in a nightmarish desert hellscape, you have a hard time making a phone call longer than ten minutes. Maybe call a bit more than you do, Taurus! Well, they add up. They are all organizing a pretty dramatic escape. Very soon, Gemini!

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Very soon! Episode 75 - Through the Narrow Place. Virgo : You should check under your bed before you go to sleep. Sagittarius : You worry too much about earthquakes and plane crashes. Capricorn : Stop throwing your money away on expensive cars and nice clothes. The owners of those cars and outfits do not appreciate the crumpled dollar bills you keep throwing on them! Why not just sit outside tonight, relax, look up at the stars, and know basically nothing about the world you live in. Pisces : Scorpions are not as dangerous as everyone thinks.

Try to concentrate on that.

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Aries : I know this is a hard time for you, Aries, but remember: 'tis better to have loved and lost. Gemini : You will meet a tall, handsome stranger. He will introduce himself, you will come to know him well, and he will know you well. He will grow older.

His skin will sag and thin. He will no longer be handsome. A dark Gemini has a grandiose self-image, wants the approval of others and is very cocky. Criticize, ignore, or show them any kind of disapproval and they go ballistic and begin acting out to prove they are brightest and best. The more they are criticized or ignored the more manic and grandiose their behavior becomes.

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Alternative therapies like yoga , exercise, and guided meditative strategies can help by reducing anxiety and stress. Psychotherapy could help. However, a Gemini who has gone to the dark side usually won't seek help or take advice from others because in their mind they're "all- knowing. If a Gemini expresses negative traits you can talk to them and they'll usually try to change their behavior.

But if a Gemini reveals the dark traits above, they'll behave quite differently.

Try to talk to or change a dark Gemini's behavior and they'll feel criticized and will only get worse. If you believe you're dealing with the worst kind of Gemini, it's best not to trust or believe anything they say and quickly run for the door. An astrological birth chart is much more complicated than the Sun sign only. There are the planets , the Moon, the Ascendant , the 12 houses , and other important points in various astrological signs. Everyone has Gemini somewhere in their horoscope, so it's not necessary to have a Gemini Sun to exhibit one or more of these dark Gemini traits.

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