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Uranus returns and makes it last trip to your seventh house of interpersonal affairs. This gives you the opportunity to examine the ways you do partnerships. Where do you need to makes changes to the way you balance your give-and-take with people? This once-a-year new moon shines on your second house work, security, and money. During this lunar lift, reflect on where you would want to be six months from now.

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You may become an influencer or sought-after speaker during this month cycle of Jupiter in your third house of communication. Think about the message you want to put out into the world. This is the zone of local success so a home-grown business venture could take off now. Be careful with those slips of the tongue as the messenger planet takes a backspin in your communication corner until December.

Motivator Mars enters your sixth house of health and efficiency. You may need to put better processes in place or learn how to chunk information to avoid being overwhelmed in work.

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This annual full moon in your visionary ninth house can help you find the right means and partners to make one of your grandest ideas a reality. Even if you feel ready to go live, slow the pace. With Mercury retrograde, it might be more prudent to show your prototype to experts who can give you useful feedback first.

Unpredictable Uranus returns for one final visit to your organised sixth house. This time could reveal where you need an upgrade in your day-to-day operations. Prioritize your well being above work. Happy New Year, Scorpio! This annual moon in your sign is your personal near year. Lucky Jupiter jumps into your seconds house of work and money for the next 13 months. This could be your most prosperous financial year. Think about what you want to manifest and be ready to seize the opportunity. Job opportunities that require travel or relocation may come out of this transit.

Mercury goes retrograde in your finance and work sector which could spark arguments regarding finances. On a personal note, keep track of your own finances, especially holiday shopping. Mercury in Sagittarius makes it so easy to overspend. As Mars enters your fifth house of romance, you could have a happier holiday season if you become more proactive about having your romantic needs met. Let your partner or those important to you know what would make you happy. You also might get hit with a substantial credit expense. Uranus pays a visit to your fifth house of passion and self-expression.

Careful how you take it especially if an old flame returns. With the new moon in your house of closure and transitions, you could end one chapter to make way for something new. Add more romance and fantasy into your life. Step back from the helm for a while and enjoy the ride. For the next 13 months, you solo goals will be on the fast track. This could be one of your luckiest years in more than a decade. Use this time to explore new possibilities, experiment, and take risks. The messenger planet makes its final turn of the year — this time through your sign. As eager as you are to shift into fast-forward speed, you may need to press pause or rewind.

Before you make that big reveal, take the time to go back and give your plan a second look. With Mars making its way through your fourth house of domestic life, the holidays can be sentimental and sensitive. Mars in this placement could bring news of a birth or pregnancy.

This full moon in your committed relationship house is asking you to either make it official or move on. What will you decide? Uranus makes a last tour through your sensitive fourth house which brings drastic changes to your home and personal life. Are there situations that need to be handled differently?

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Use this time to plan lifestyle shifts. This new moon in your teamwork and technology zone could bring inspiring people into your life. This is big, Capricorns! Expansive Jupiter is in your twelfth house of introspection, transitions, and soulmates! Use the Law of Attraction to call in a fated connection. Regardless of whether its a forever situation, this person is likely to play an important healing role in your life. This three week period is perfect for some healing and forgiveness work.

You might want to start with you! All forgiveness is self-forgiveness. Let it go this time and get ready for your rebirth. Mars spends the rest of the year in your communication house, spicing up the dialogue and helping you be more upfront about your desires. Your ruler, Uranus visits your communication house for a final visit. A cutting edge idea that you dismissed before might deserve a second look. Use this time to reconnect with innovate minds.

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The new moon in your career corner can hit the reset button on some of your professional goals. The last 13 months was all about building your career. When Mercury goes retrograde in your teamwork and technology house, a group effort might get delayed. In the meantime, keep your personal feelings to yourself and be careful what you post on social media. Careful not to pour fuel into fire! Mars spends the rest of the year in your second house of stability. You might be surprised to find yourself drawn to someone "boring.

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Whatever your relationship status, you can look forward to a holiday season of passion and maybe romance. Keep in mind that drama is possible and best not contribute to it. Uranus makes one more trip to your second house of finances before it moves on for good. You can use this time to explore ways you can incorporate more freedom and innovation into your career. This lunar lift lands in your optimistic ninth house firing up your dreams and passions for the next six months.

Get out there an use the Law of Attraction to draw in important people and situations. This cycle supports all kinds of expansion. Dream it, do it. Expansive Jupiter visits your tenth house of professional success for the next 13 months.

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What do you want to be doing by this time next year? What do you want to be known for? Take steps now to support your dreams and make adjustments as you go along. When Mercury shifts into retrograde in your house of career, progress may seem slow. This is temporary, so try not to lose faith. During this cycle, be extra clear in your communication and back things up in as many places as possible.

Motivated Mars helps you end the year on a high note, turning you into a productivity machine for the next six months. Allow yourself to take breaks and enjoy the holiday season. No need to feel guilty for taking a break. This full moon lights a sentimental and emotional bonfire in your fourth house of family. Her dream is that one day the entire country and the world! Book a reading with Monch on her website. These stories made other people. Welcome to Rappler, a social news network where stories inspire community engagement and digitally fuelled actions for social change. Read more. Thank You.

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. Various versions have evolved over the years, sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose injected humour and the like. A perfect moment in time to reap the benefits of your sincerity and hard work. You rediscover your strengths and channel them into rewarding ventures. Fame, glory and charm will be all yours just a little perseverance is required from your side.

Your capabilities and qualities will be totally revitalized. You are strong, energetic and able to direct your forces towards meaningful changes. Optimism is the faith that leads to achievements. Time to kick bad habits, make a great future, and succeed even more. Hi m an aries by birthaday and leo by name and my love line doesnt work at all m not getting the same way of love and care from a guy m not a playgirl but searchn for right person i guss ive become one of them i just want steady relationship please help me m getting frustrated m tired of staying single i want to mingle up for life time.

Is it natural to be deeply into someone but your heart does not race for that person? I have met and fallen for an Aries man and at first I was very giddy about everything about him. What do you think?

It feels like someone could read your life and understand you. Interestingly, most of what are being said here are remarkably true in my case. Right now it tells something about career and it is what I am in and actually experiencing right now. It is fairly accurate I might say….

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