Scorpio january 24 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore

This is your chance to shine this month in a way that sets some amazing new cycles for you.


Rule with your head in these situations today, and not your heart. You are very good at thinking your way out of any box that life puts you in. In fact, of all zodiac signs, this is what you do. And you will be presented with some opportunities today and over the next few days to really stretch this Einstein muscle of yours.

What new cycle are you launching, Aquarius? This aspect encourages us to go beyond the surface and investigate matters further. This aspect challenges our desire for change. During this transit we may publicly challenge tradition or act against the rules. Look to your house of Taurus to see how this will affect you. Like Uranus and the Moon the Sun in Libra challenges our relationship to authority and diplomacy. Practice self-discipline today, especially when it comes to indulgence.

If you want to see progress today you need to put first priorities first. One would think this would be appealing to you because Aquarians are supposed to be curious and experimental but you can also be very regimented and set in your ways. Nevertheless you do have a secret genius for improvising on the spot as will be seen on Oct. Link in bio. So what are your super powers? Any other Aquarian's here? Note: all content on my instagram has been written by me, Trudy Vesotsky.

Uranus and Mercury oppose each other today, while the Sun squares Saturn. This chapter that is closing for you is going to open some brand new exciting ones! The Capricorn Moon in your twelfth house of endings is closing a long chapter for good. And you are feeling more refreshed about this than you have about this issue in a while. Be practical and strategic in your move to the next phase, the Capricorn Moon is grounding you to deliver long term success. Start looking at old photographs or reading old messages or emails to see if something pops out at you that you may have missed before.

The answer actually is right in front of you if you are willing to just bend your mind a bit on this one. Any decisions not based in reality today is seriously going to suck your karma dry today. What is your next move, Aquarius? Charging like a bull in the wrong fucking direction. Aquarius ascendant people are highly charged individuals, due to having an excess of electrical energy in their physical bodies. Known as Electrokinesis, this psychic phenomenon is responsible for the frequent sometimes even daily occurrences of electronics malfunctioning, credit card machines freezing, lightbulbs going out, computers crashing and even streetlights blowing also called "slider people".

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Uranus is the planetary ruler of Aquarius and in order to understand this placing, we need to look at this planets rotational pattern. Instead of spinning on its axis like every other planet in our solar system rotates, Uranus tumbles end over end, sending out a shockwave that keeps all of the other planets in alignment Having the courage to be yourself in a world that wants conformity is something to be admired and celebrated by all.

Aww Simply amazing! That would include myself as well! Good times. My name is Terence Guardino. The week begins on Monday October the 7th and…. Guruvu Garu padabhi vandanalu Nadi mesha rashi Doing real estate business Can you please suggest me some tips. T q sir guvuu garu apani chesina maku kalisi ravatledu guvuu Naku margam chapade mepadalku vadanallu. IAM mesha Rashi swamy what about love marriage and totally confusion in life names lokeshnagamanikanta and sirisha. Bharani varaki studies yella unnaye chepadi guruvu garu plz , Nenu medicine student ni plz reply evandi guruvu garu, mi reply naku help avuthundhi plz chepandi.

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