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Pisces until Feb 28 Fri. Feb 29 Sat. Biodynamic Calendar - Icon Legend. Leaf days Water Element It is the appropriate time to sow, transplant and cultivate plants from which the intention is to use Leaves and Stems.

Leaf plants should be harvested in Flower days or Fruit days. Harvesting in Leaf days is not recommended products start decomposing in a shorter time. Beekeeping: Working with the hive is not recommended in Leaf days. Fruit days Fire Element It is the appropriate time to sow, transplant and cultivate plants that produce Fruits and Seeds. Harvesting in Fruit days allows fruits and seeds to have a better storage quality. Beekeeping: Fruit days stimulate the collection of nectar. Bees are also supposed to be more gentle these days. Root days Earth Element It is the appropriate time to sow, transplant and cultivate Root plants and Root vegetables.

Crop should be stored in Root days. Beekeeping: Bees should be encouraged to build more comb. Flower days Air Element It is the appropriate time to sow, transplant, cultivate and harvest Flower plants or herbs used for medicinal purposes. Flowers, if cut in these days, have a more intense scent and endure longer. Leaf plants should be harvested in these Flower days. Beekeeping: Flower days stimulate brood activity and colony development.

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Moon Phases Legend. Planting and Grafting take best if done two days just before the Full Moon. Pick medicinal herbs and plants. Jobs: Avoid seed sowing. Moon Opposition Saturn. By the way , the shade protected them from the harsh evening sun. In a case where i want to grow sets instead of transplants,where do i get the sets from or how do i prepare them?

I'm growing yellow onions for the first time and am wondering if I planted one of the plants too shallow. I can see the tops and some of the actual bulb. Is there a way to remedy this or is it a lost cause? I want to know about timings, life cycles and climate conditions required for Onions and Papaya. I have a pot full of green onions from last year. They are all bunched up together. Should I cut the tops off right above the roots and plant for more green onions or can I leave an inch or so of stalk an plant to get big onions.

I'm not sure if that will work but I know cutting just above the root line works. I've been trying to grow yellow and chive onions.

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The tops on both look like grass instead of the nice hearty stalks I see everywhere else. This is my first garden attempt, so I'm sure I did something wrong. Just not sure what. I know it's to late for this season but I want to try again next season. The best advice is above, but consider in particular: Soil should be organic and have the proper pH onions like neutral pH, so betw 6 and 7 is usually fine. Start with sets, not seeds seeds can take several seasons; sets are small onions and are usually available in packages at nurseries or loose in feed stores and the like.

Remember that onions are daylight sensitive; start them early in spring but see the warning about temperatures above. Keep the plot weeded and sufficiently watered.

They really are relatively easy to grow. My Red onions are ready to be harvested but it's drizzling almost every day. What can you advice me to do?

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Or is there a way i can harvest and dry them? Can you help me?

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I have very nice onions growing but they are going to seed. There is a big stem in the middle that grows into seeds I cut off that stem but the bottom The bulb is only about an inch around. What am I doing wrong? Two years ago I grew beautiful onions that were a really good size Paulette I live in Sk. Your onions are bolting, probably due to temperature fluctuations such as a heat wave or cold spell. It happens to the best of us gardeners. The onions are bolting because they might die and throwing out seed to reproduce before they die.

Has it been hot?

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The only to prevent this is to keep the plants well watered in hot summer especially when heat waves strike. My soil was too acidic at a 3. I added garden lime after planting to help, and watered it in. My onionsets are 6 inches tall and yellow the bulb being not much larger than when I planted them. Can I carefully dig them up, mix the soil to the.

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Right pH and replant them again? I want to use Preen between the rows in my garden. Will it damage the onion bulbs before they start to grow?

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Looking at a label, it appears that for onions, they recommend applying Preen Garden Weed Preventer to the soil before transplanting onions. But best to double-check with them.